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Kanye West unveils Donda Stem Player

By | Published on Thursday 26 August 2021

When the new Kanye West album finally arrives – whether that’s tomorrow, or this weekend, or Christmas 2034 – what happens if you reckon that the second version of the record played out at the most recent listening party, rather than the final version, was better?

Well, good news, for a mere $200 you can buy yourself a Donda Stem Player and fiddle around with all the tracks on the record until they sound something more like your preferred version. And then you can add your own music to the device and play around with that too.

According to West’s website, among other things the small gadget allows you to control vocals, drums, bass and samples on any track you choose to mess with. You can also isolate parts and add some effects.

West has been talking about a device of this kind since at least 2019. Its launch has been timed to coincide with the ever moving target that is the release of ‘Donda’, with that album preinstalled on the gadget. It will initially be available in the US and UK.