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Kanye’s presidential bid gets the Trump trumpet

By | Published on Thursday 3 September 2015

Kanye West

With the White House already interested in his hat, the United States Of America’s next leader, dog nemesis Donald Trump, has endorsed Kanye West’s (possible) plan to run for president of the USA in 2020.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Trump managed to impart these bits of information in less than a minute:

1) He has noticed that comparisons are made between him and West “quite often”.
2) He doesn’t “quite get it”.
3) West has said “very nice things” about him in the past.
4) Some “extremely positive things”.
5) West knows his daughter Ivanka “a little bit”.
6) He was watching the MTV VMAs when West announced his plans to run for president.
7) He reckons West got the idea to do so from him.
8) He thinks West has stolen a vote for him from Miley Cyrus.
9) West is “a different kind of person than people think”.
10) Trump hopes “to run against him some day”.

Trump v West in 2020 then? Welcome to your cartoon life, America.