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Kaskade to quit SoundCloud, strike out on his own

By | Published on Friday 6 June 2014


American DJ and producer Kaskade has said that he will launch his own streaming site on which to share mixes, after receiving, so he claims, 32 emails from SoundCloud’s automated copyright protection system over a 48 hour period this week.

While it’s common for DJs who upload mixes containing lots of tracks to Soundcloud to see their work subsequently blocked, because the audio-sharing service itself has no licensing deals in place with the labels, it does seem like it was Kaskade’s own music that was being removed, in that Ultra, the label that he is signed to, was identified as the source of the takedown request.

Possibly the result of some automated takedown software gone rogue, Team Ultra expressed confusion about the content removals, tweeting: “We don’t know how it happened, but it should be back up asap!”

But the damage was already done. Kaskade followed up his original tweet by saying: “I imagine over the next week my entire SoundCloud will be taken down. Sorry but there is nothing I can do here. It’s a bummer as I have worked to build that page up and put great stuff on there. I will move forward with constructing my own portal where I can share what I like when I like”.

Quite what the DJ has in mind isn’t clear, though, of course, last year Deadmau5 launched his own subscription-based streaming service, giving fans access to exclusive tracks and live sets for $4.99 per month. He added a mobile option last month.