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Kate Bush just keeps on chatting about Stranger Things

By | Published on Tuesday 7 June 2022

Kate Bush

I don’t want to start this story using the old cliche of waiting ages for something and then two of them coming along at once, but Kate Bush is making it really difficult.

I mean, she barely talks publicly at all, and then a new series of ‘Stranger Things’ goes live and and she’s issuing statement after statement. Like buses. Like fucking buses! There, are you happy Kate Bush? Is this what you wanted?

Anyway, yeah, after writing on her website over the weekend about the return of her 1985 single ‘Running Up That Hill’ to the charts, thanks to a big ‘Stranger Things’ sync boost, she’s back again. This time to stress that she really is a big fan of the show and not just in it for the cash.

“When the first series came out, friends kept asking us if we’d seen ‘Stranger Things’, so we checked it out and really loved it”, she says. “We’ve watched every series since then, as a family”.

“When they approached us to use ‘Running Up That Hill’, you could tell that a lot of care had gone into how it was used in the context of the story and I really liked the fact that the song was a positive totem for the character, Max”, she goes on.

This chimes with comments made by the show’s music supervisor Nora Felder, who told Yahoo that, knowing Bush’s usual reluctance to agree to sync requests, she and her team had created “elaborate scene descriptions that provided as much context as possible so that Kate and her camp would have a full understanding of the uses”.

Anyway, obviously that paid off, because Bush agreed and is thankfully very happy with the outcome. “I’m really impressed by this latest series”, she goes on in her latest statement.

“It’s an epic piece of work – the shows are extremely well put together with great characters and fantastic SFX”, she continues. “It’s very touching that the song has been so warmly received, especially as it’s being driven by the young fans who love the shows. I’m really happy that [show creators] the Duffer Brothers are getting such positive feedback for their latest creation. They deserve it”.

In the UK, ‘Running Up That Hill’ is currently at number eight in the Official Singles Chart and is challenging Harry Styles for the number one position this week. In the US, the song has also reached number eight in the Billboard Hot 100.

There may as yet be another boost for the song in July, depending on if and how it is used when the final two episodes of the series arrive on Netflix. Because, three years after the last series, the decision has been made for season four to arrive in two parts. A bit like… oh, for fuck’s sake.