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Kate Bush photo expo opening soon in London

By | Published on Tuesday 12 August 2014

Kate Bush

So good news, people; while all of the world’s aristocracy are popping bottles at Kate Bush’s extravagantly-priced headline shows in London this month, we plebs can all imbibe a bit of Bush-based ambience too, by going to look at lots of photographs of the star for a reasonable fee.

From 26 Aug to 2 Oct, Snap Galleries in the capital is hosting a showcase of candid and rarely-displayed images of KB taken by Guido Harari and Gered Mankowitz.

Both Mankowitz (who helped define the ‘aesthetic’ of KB’s early releases, even styling her ‘look’ on the ‘Wuthering Heights’ single sleeve), and Harari (who did the ‘Hounds Of Love’ cover and promotional shots for 1989’s ‘The Sensual World’) have solo books coming out to chime with Bush’s comeback, which is a nice coincidence I guess, given the exhibition and all the hype around those London shows. I think they may have realised that already.

Giving an insight into Bush’s behaviour whilst on a shoot, Mankowitz says: “She was very energetic and full of ideas. One of the things was to try and focus her – sometimes she would just want to move on if something wasn’t working. She didn’t understand the process”.

Similarly admiring of Kate’s photographic know-how, Harari adds of his ‘underwater’-style shoot with her for ‘The Sensual World’: “In those days there was no Photoshop, so I was shooting multiple shots in the same frame and she had to move in and out of the set constantly. She couldn’t understand what I was doing and got restless and bored. Although these shots were not used, she loved the result”.

Get details and tickets to the KB exhibition here.