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Kate Tempest guests on made-in-a-day Speedy Wunderground single

By | Published on Thursday 21 November 2013

Kate Tempest

Prize-winning performance poet and playwright Kate Tempest features on ‘Hot Night Cold Spaceship’, aka the fifth single released by independent label Speedy Wunderground. Speedy’s strict USP, or ‘manifesto’, is that its MD – producer Dan Carey – makes its tracks over a single day, doing the mixing the following, so they’re on sale within the fortnight.

Tempest, who’s only the latest artist to attempt the feat (following past singles by Steve Mason & Emiliana Torrini, The Archie Bronson Outfit, and Toy & Natasha Khan), says: “To think that a song can be made in a day and mixed and mastered blows my mind. The song is about all the things that it’s about, I always think that if you could explain what a lyric is about in a nice catchy sentence then you wouldn’t have needed to write it in the first place. I haven’t heard it since we made it, which is one of the rules of Speedy Wunderground, but from what I remember the beat is beautiful and there’s something magic in the chords”.

Read an interview in which Carey explains the scheme via Noisey here, and stream the track, which is released on 9 Dec, here: