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Katherine Jackson ordered to pay at least $800,000 towards AEG legal fees

By | Published on Wednesday 16 April 2014

Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson has either won or lost her legal battle over the legal costs incurred by AEG Live in the Jackson family’s failed bid to prove that the company was liable for the death of their most famous son, depending on how you look at it.

As previously reported, the Jacksons launched legal action against AEG arguing that because the company paid Conrad Murray’s fees, it was ultimately responsible for the doctor causing Michael Jackson’s death through negligence. However, AEG successfully argued that they couldn’t be held liable, because it was reasonable to assume a licensed doctor would provide safe treatment.

After a failed appeal against the ruling, Jackson matriarch Katherine was ordered to pay AEG’s legal costs that stemmed from the case, which were initially put at $1.2 million. However, her legal team challenged this amount, claiming that at most a quarter of that sum was due, and AEG was forced to recalculate.

Quite how much Mrs Jackson will have to pay is still TBC, though a judge ruled earlier this week that it will be at least $800,000, according to Billboard. The exact figure is expected as soon as AEG submits its final claim for costs. Jackson has apparently said she will accept the tentative $800,000 figure, even though it’s significantly more than she wished, but may appeal if AEG pushes for more.