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Katy Perry gets naked to vote so that you don’t have to

By | Published on Wednesday 28 September 2016

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has made a video with Funny Or Die for Rock The Vote, urging people not to avoid voting in the upcoming presidential election because they aren’t dressed smartly enough. You can dress how you like, even fashioning your hair into an elaborate comb-over, if you like. But not naked, as Perry also demonstrates in the video.

Says Funny Or Die: “Katy Perry gives us the bare truth about this year’s election, urging everyone to get registered and to vote. Katy came to Funny Or Die and Rock the Vote demanding to be naked on camera, so they decided to channel this to urge young voters to get registered – no matter what they’re wearing (or not wearing). Funny Or Die’s wardrobe department was THRILLED with the day off, and America was THRILLED with the results”.

I’m not sure why the possibility of Donald Trump becoming president isn’t in itself enough to get everyone to register to vote. Though, I must admit, after watching the first presidential debate, some part of me is curious to see what would happen if he did win. Also, it would seem like the perfect conclusion to the shit pit of 2016. But yeah, don’t actually vote Trump. And don’t try to not vote for him naked. Those are the lessons of the day.

Watch the video here: