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Keith Richards solo LP arriving in 2015, maybe

By | Published on Wednesday 10 September 2014

Keith Richards

Original don and walking talking anti-anti-wrinkle-cream-ad Keith Richards has revealed that he’s made a new solo LP, his first in oh, only like 22 years or so. Written and refined at intervals over the past two years, the still-privately-titled disc will likely, estimates Keith, be released next June once the Stones rolling world tour stops um, rolling.

Though, while having a gas (gas, gas) with the Associated Press earlier this week, K-Richy said he wasn’t quite certain when that might happen, explaining: “We’ve got South America lined up in February, Buenos Aires, Peru. And after that, I know what the Stones tours are like, they tend to get extended”.

He added that he and his long-time X-Pensive Winos collaborator Steve Jordan, who’s producing the album, “had no rush” with it all, telling the AP: “I think we spent a couple of years [on it]. Steve and I are always working somewhere else, but every month or two we’d come down here [to NYC’s Germano Studios] and knock off a couple of tracks. Nearly every record I’ve made is ‘You’ve got another five days,’ but this one we’re taking our time”.

Highlighting the main difference between what it was like making 1992’s solo outing ‘Main Offender’ and his present day experiences, he said: “Technology. It’s changed enormously. I find that some of the technology is very confusing, especially the digital stuff”.

Clearly a confirmed granddad, Richards is right now doing the rounds promoting his newest book, a just-published story for kids inspired by his boyhood relationship with his late grandfather Gus. ‘Gus & Me’ features illustrations by his daughter Theodora, and marks his first ‘literary tome’ since 2010 autobiography ‘Life’.