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Kelly Lee Owens announces second album Inner Song

By | Published on Thursday 27 February 2020

Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens has formally announced her second album, which is 100% the most exciting thing that has or will happen this week. Titled ‘Inner Song’, the album’s announcement is accompanied by new single ‘Melt!’ – a track inspired by climate change, both lyrically and down to the samples of glaciers melting that sit within it.

“I wanted to create something that sounded hard but with organic samples”, she says. “I felt those were great representations of what’s happening in the world, that every moment you’re breathing and sleeping, this is ​taking place”.

As well as the global issues, the album is also influenced by personal issues faced by Owens in the three years since she released her debut. A period she describes as “the hardest three years of my life”.

“My creative life and everything I’d worked for up to that point was deeply impacted”, she says. “I wasn’t sure if I could make anything anymore, and it took quite a lot of courage to get to a point where I could create again. [The album’s title] really reflects what it felt like to make this record. I did a lot of inner work in the past few years, and this is a true reflection of that”.

‘Inner Song’ is out on 1 May. Listen to ‘Melt!’ here:

You’ll also be able to see Owens live in a number of places over the next few months. This Friday, she’ll be DJing at the Southbank Centre in London before a headline set by Plaid. She’ll also play two festival season warm-up shows at Patterns in Brighton on 6 May and Yes in Manchester on 8 May.