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Kerrang! launches new talent strand across its channels

By | Published on Monday 8 September 2014

Kerrang! Fresh Blood

Kerrang! is set to “mobilise its entire network across television, radio, print and online for the first multi-platform new rock music initiative in the UK”, which is a bold claim if ever I heard one, though ultimately undeniable, because to dispute it you’d have to know what it meant.

Called ‘Fresh Blood’, under the new venture “each platform will unite to seek out and nurture the very best in unsigned and independent label talent from the alternative UK music scene with one chosen act to receive a full showcase and maximum exposure across the network every Wednesday”.

Which means they’ll pick a new artist each week and big em up in the Kerrang! mag, and on its website, telly channel and radio station. Oh, and they’ll stick some advertising next to it. Or, rather, “the property also provides an opportunity for brand and sponsor partners to connect with a passionate and engaged audience”. I wonder if anyone reads these press releases aloud before they press send.

Anyway, here’s Kerrang! Editor James McMahon employing English to make this sound less like something dreamed up by the Bauer Media sales team to sell more ‘brand partnership’ packages: “Every year people ask the question: who will headline the festivals of the future? As unquestionably brilliant as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath are – and long may they continue! – we all know that one day some bands are going to have to step up and fill their shoes. And Kerrang! wants to play a big part in that”.

“Our mission has always been to bring the best new music in the world – but now we’re going to use the combined reach of print, radio, online and TV to celebrate the bands that truly deserve it. Fresh Blood is all about one thing: bringing you the bands of tomorrow today”.

Actually, more joined up editorial between the various Kerrang! media is interesting, even though you might have assumed it was something that already happened as a matter of course.