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Kid Cudi discusses Reebok altercation

By | Published on Wednesday 18 February 2009

Rapper Kid Cudi has attempted to clear up a few details about that previously reported altercation at a Reebok party in Phoenix during the NBA All-Star game on Saturday, where he was meant to be performing.

Cudi confirmed that he had been zapped with a taser gun during the scuffle, but denied that he had been arrested, or that the row erupted because he turned up wearing a pair of Nike trainers.

He wrote: “I was tasered (shit hurt like a muthafucka), I was not arrested. I didn’t put my hands on anyone; the muthafucka I was trying to touch, I couldn’t reach his fuckin’ collar to grab him. It wasn’t over me wearing [Nike made] Jordans. I arrived at the event in the most ‘fugliest’ Reeboks ever”.

He added that this taste of being in the public eye for the wrong reasons had made him more determined to keep his head down and let his music do the talking.

He concluded: “This shit really makes me want to fall back on this music shit yo, shit is getting out of hand. I’m just a dude who wants to make ill music to help people on their day to day grind, help them get thru it to accomplish whatever goals they have in life”.