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Kid Cudi “not flattered” by TikTok meme but urges fans to “keep doin your thing”

By | Published on Monday 15 March 2021

Kid Cudi

TikTok has now become such a key driver in music discovery and music marketing that some artists are writing songs with virality on the social media platform in mind. But not everyone loves it when the pesky TikTokers pick up on one of their tracks. Over the weekend, Kid Cudi announced that he’s “not flattered” at all that his song ‘Day N Nite’ has become a meme.

It’s not the first time one of his tracks has become popular on TikTok, but on this occasion he’s not especially happy that the way the track being used. The meme takes a line from the song, but cuts out lyrics dealing with the death of his uncle and feelings of regret at not patching up differences before he passed away.

In the TikTok trend, users are seen mouthing the line “now look at this”, before cutting away to a clip of something funny. And it’s that which the rapper finds a little bit jarring – it being so far removed from the original intent behind his words.

“I don’t fuck with what they did to my song on TikTok, takin out the lyrics”, he wrote on Twitter. “We live in a strange time. I’m not flattered”.

When one fan said he shouldn’t be concerned about something that wasn’t “that deep”, he added: “I don’t think I’m makin it ‘deep’ by tweetin how I feel. Now, if I was ranting, that’s another thing. Nothing wrong with me stating I don’t approve. Plus, if you are such a fan, you know my lyrics are most important to me. I’m passionate about my shit so [I don’t care] who has a problem with that”.

Although this latest TikTok trend is not his favourite thing to ever happen, last night he stressed that he wasn’t actually “angry” about it, seemingly recognising that artists generally have little control over how others see their music once it’s out in the world.

“I am not ‘pissed’ or ‘angry'”, he said, in reference to several media reports on his tweets. “I don’t have a problem with TikTok at all and what kids do on there. When ‘Memories’ and ‘The Scotts’ went viral, I thought it was pretty cool. When I made ‘Day N Nite’, I wanted it to help people. I never imagined it would be used in a jokin manner. It threw me off a lil bit. As long as the song is still helpin you guys and the lyrics aren’t forgotten, keep doin your thing”.

With all that in mind, and for people with long enough attention spans, here is the full track: