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Kim Dotcom hopes to get revenge on Joe Biden as former VP pursues his presidential ambitions

By | Published on Monday 12 August 2019

Kim Dotcom

One time MegaUpload boss Kim Dotcom is hoping to thwart the presidential ambitions of former US Vice-President Joe Biden. Mainly by encouraging all the former users of his long-defunct file-transfer platform who are based in the US to oppose Biden’s bid for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election, and any possible subsequent presidential campaign.

Dotcom has long blamed Biden for instigating the US shutdown of the MegaUpload business back in 2012, supposedly as a favour to his mates in Hollywood.

American authorities have been trying ever since, of course, to extradite Dotcom from New Zealand to face charges of criminal copyright infringement. Meanwhile, those who had files stored on the old MegaUpload servers before they were cut off without warning have so far failed to get reconnected with their uploaded content, copyright infringing or otherwise.

As a stack of Democrats compete to represent the party in the 2020 election, Dotcom tweeted this weekend: “Still waiting to get access to your Megaupload files? I will email 30 million former US Megaupload users a video link in 2020 explaining how @JoeBiden destroyed your favourite website. Most of you were teenagers or students then but now you’re voters. Let’s retire Biden together”.

Noting his dissing of Hillary Clinton during the last US presidential election, he added, rather grandly: “Those of you who followed me long enough understand my role in preventing Hillary. But @JoeBiden will be my biggest pleasure. Like @HillaryClinton he’s corrupt to the core and can never become US President. Watch me in 2020”.

Elsewhere in a busy day for Dotcom tweets, the MegaUpload founder also predicted that – even if the New Zealand Supreme Court rules against him in the aforementioned extradition case later this year – other routes of appeal could further delay that process by up to seven years. Fun times.