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Kiss breakfast show hosts to join Radio 1

By | Published on Tuesday 27 November 2018

Rickie Williams, Melvin Odoom and Charlie Hedges

The hosts of the breakfast show on Bauer’s Kiss are giving up the early starts to jump on over to BBC Radio 1 where they will take over the late night show previously occupied by Charlie Sloth.

Rickie Williams, Melvin Odoom and Charlie Hedges will join the BBC station in the 9pm-11pm weeknight slot from the new year in a show that will feature, and I quote, “candid conversations between friends – after the watershed”. Alongside some top tunes, obviously.

Presumably those candid conversations will feature plenty of back and forth, though yesterday the three DJs were speaking in unison as one, declaring that: “We’re so excited to be joining the Radio 1 family and bringing all our energy and entertainment to the station. Hearing a new side to us as we get to showcase the music we love”.

Radio 1 boss Ben Cooper then candidly responded: “Radio 1 needs to keep disrupting, keep changing, keep surprising our audiences and our industry. I can’t wait to tune in to hear Rickie, Melvin and Charlie on Radio 1 with an exciting mix of late night humour and great new music”.

Sloth – who hosted both Radio 1’s late show (aka ‘The Eighth’) and 1Xtra’s ‘Rap Show’ – announced last month that he was departing the BBC so he can fully focus all his attention on telling Edith Bowman to fuck her life.