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Kobalt signs Mxmtoon

By | Published on Wednesday 20 November 2019


Off the back of over 300 million streams for her self-released bedroom productions, Kobalt has snagged singer-songwriter Mxmtoon – aka Maia – for a worldwide publishing deal covering her full catalogue and future works.

“Maia is truly the voice of her generation”, says Kobalt’s VP Creative Melissa Emert-Hutner of the nineteen year old. “By sharing her beautiful, heartfelt music with the world and growing her brand organically, she exemplifies the DIY spirit and aesthetic that Kobalt embraces. We are proud to welcome her to the family, and are beyond excited about what we will accomplish together”.

The musician herself adds: “I’ve been excited to work with Kobalt from the get go. I love that there are so many different types of individuals involved in conversations about what new ways artists can achieve their goals. I truly believe Kobalt is extremely well equipped to not only help me realise my dreams as an individual, but to help form new pathways and avenues for aspects of my project that excite me as I go along!”

The agreement covers publishing administration, sync and creative support. To date, since 2017, Mxmtoon has released various singles, two EPs and her debut album, ‘The Masquerade’, which came out in September this year.