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Korn announce new album, The Nothing

By | Published on Thursday 27 June 2019

Korn have announced that they will release their thirteenth album, ‘The Nothing’, on 13 Sep. They’ve also released its first single, ‘You’ll Never Find Me’, which sounds exactly like what you’d get if you tried to imagine a Korn song in your head, including a three second section where you got distracted and started thinking about something else.

“Deep within our Earth lives an extraordinary force”, says frontman Jonathan Davies of the new LP. Intriguing, but what could it be? “Very few are aware of the magnitude and significance of this place where good/evil, dark/light, bliss/torment, loss/gain and hope/despair all exist as one – pulling at us every moment of our lives”. Crikey.

“It’s not something we can choose to navigate”, he goes on. “But rather [we can have] an awareness of this ‘presence’ that surrounds us with every breath, as if we are being watched at every moment. It’s the place where black and white energies attach themselves to our souls, and shape our emotion, choices, perspective and ultimately our very existence”.

I thought deep within the Earth was mainly magma and stuff. Well, anyway, he continues: “There is a miraculous and small realm within this vortex and it’s the only place where balance between these dynamic and polarising forces exists – where the soul finds its refuge. Welcome to… THE NOTHING”.

Oh right. I’m glad that’s all cleared up. Now let’s just listen to this new single: