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LA Reid boasts he was first to spot the talent of Justin Bieber’s haircut

By | Published on Monday 8 February 2016

Justin Bieber

Epic Records boss LA Reid would like you all to know that it was he – and only he – who was first to spot the global commercial, media and consumer engagement potential of what is almost certainly the most iconic pop property of the last decade: Justin Bieber’s haircut.

“At four on the dot, Usher walked into my office with this adorable fourteen year old boy”, reminisces the music industry veteran in his new book, or so notes the Huffington Post. “This kid was beautiful, like a woman can be beautiful and men rarely are, and he turned it on as soon as he stepped into the room. I could see immediately that Justin’s hair would be every bit as important as his songs”.

Overplaying the importance of the songs a little bit there, I think, but, Reid concludes: “Justin was simply beautiful – his super-power was his face”. Which I think makes him Face Man. Which I think means Justin Bieber is a character in the ‘A-Team’. It’s full of revelations this new LA Reid book.