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Labrinth premieres new single live in Camden!

By | Published on Tuesday 19 August 2014


R&B man Lab-no-‘y’-rinth has a single coming out soon (on 28 Sep), titled ‘Let It Be’. And no, it’s not a Beatles cover. Labrinth wrote it with his own imagination, giving it a first airing for fans’ ears only at an ‘intimate’ show at Stables Market in Camden, London.

His hat came off while he was singing the song, still it was all okay ultimately, and a massive cast of musicians/dancers/choir singers came out in stages and joined in. It really was quite impressive, so see it all happening beneath this concise and self-hyping speech by the man himself, Labrinth.

“I knew I had been gone a long time and needed to come back with a single that was special, something forward-thinking. I wanted an opening statement to my second album and I put extra pressure on myself to come up with that”.

Now hold onto your hats because this is the Camden clip: