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Lady Gaga is new me, says Alice Cooper

By | Published on Tuesday 6 September 2011

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper reckons Lady Gaga is a modern female version of him. By which he means, she too has created a crazy persona for on record and on stage which is nothing like her real self.

Cooper told the Washington Post: “Lady Gaga is the female Alice Cooper. She created a character named Lady Gaga. She wrote songs for Lady Gaga, not for herself, for Lady Gaga. I write for ‘Alice’, I don’t write for me. And she produced those songs on stage for Lady Gaga. Now there’s a Lady Gaga nation out there, and if you meet her off stage, she’s nothing like that person on stage. It’s like, ‘me either’. I’m nothing like Alice. But we created a character that belongs to rock and roll. So, she’s the closest [to me] out of everybody”.