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Lady Gaga “shanked” Ariana Grande while making Rain On Me video

By | Published on Friday 7 August 2020

Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

During preparations for their ‘Rain On Me’ video, Lady Gaga scratched Ariana Grande’s face, forcibly pinned her to the floor, and then chased her screaming out of the room.

Reading that opening sentence back, I’m not sure it really captures the jovial spirit of this incident. I’m sure you all read between the lines though. Whatever, you can see it all for yourself in some behind-the-scenes footage Gaga has put up on Instagram.

The clip shows the duo and a troupe of dancers rehearsing for the video. At one point, Gaga announces that she “shanked [Grande] with my nail by accident, dancing”. It then cuts to Grande rolling on the floor, saying: “Lady Gaga scratched my eye. It’s an honour. I hope it scars”.

Gaga is having none of it. She pins Grande to the floor in an attempt to administer antiseptic to the wound, saying, “Give me your face”. Grande protests, “I want it to stay” and wrestles her way out of Gaga’s grip.

As Grande runs screaming from the room, Gaga chases her, shouting: “You have a scratch on your face! You can’t get infected before the video!”

So, you see, everything I said up front here was true. Never dance near Lady Gaga, that’s the moral of all this. I think that’s the main reason for all this social distancing stuff. You never can be too careful.