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Lady Leshurr discusses building a career on YouTube

By | Published on Friday 10 June 2016

Lady Leshurr

Lady Leshurr has spoken to BBC Raw about how she accelerated her career and maintained her independence with YouTube.

In February last year, she released the first of five monthly freestyles under the name ‘Queen’s Speech’. The videos brought new life to her career, the most popular video – ‘Queen’s Speech Part 4’ – having now clocked up nearly 30 million views.

“It was like I came back as a new artist”, she recalls. “I planned, and then I met up with this video camera guy. We shot the first ‘Queen’s Speech’ , then I went home, I put it on my computer and I uploaded [to YouTube], but I kept it on private because I was scared. I was just like, I don’t know if people are gonna like this – the new Leshurr. I was petrified. But I thought, you know what, you’re never gonna know until you do it”.

She continues: “It didn’t do as well as all the other ones – this is ‘Queen’s Speech 1’ – but I learnt [from it], and that’s what happens when you start to develop and build your YouTube channel. You start getting your subscribers, and you start getting your notifications, you start building everything. And once you’ve got that good, solid – you haven’t got a Vevo, [you’ve got] your own account, and it’s got all these subscribers, you don’t need no one”.

YouTube is obviously a controversial subject in the music industry of late, but as we heard in a number of sessions at CMU Insights @ The Great Escape last month – including interviews with YouTubers Noodlerella and Hannah Trigwell – there are many ways artists can use it to their advantage, depending on their current objectives.

Watch the full interview with Lady Leshurr here: