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Ladyhawke announces first album for five years

By | Published on Friday 28 May 2021


Ladyhawke has released new single ‘Mixed Emotions’, and announced that she will put out her first album for five years, ‘Time Flies’, in October.

“‘Mixed Emotions’ was written with old mates Jono Sloan and Nick Littlemore while I was on a writing trip in LA”, she says. “Sloan had come up with a really cool bass groove which Nick and I riffed over to get the lyrics and melody. The song is about all the things you can feel with one person, sometimes all in a single day. Ups and downs, confusion, highs, and lows. And everything in between!”

The new single follows her recent collaboration with Broods, ‘Guilty Love’, which will also appear on the new album. Both reveal a new vigour for making music, which began in 2019.

“I was feeling pretty grateful to be alive and making music, so I felt like I didn’t ‘care’ anymore – not in a bad way, I just stopped over thinking it”, she says. “I’ve had depression and anxiety for a long time and always been really open about it. I started therapy in November 2019 regularly. I had reached the bottom, I realised I needed help, and I was recommended someone through a friend, who was used to talking to artists and creative people”.

“It felt like last year I changed my whole life”, she goes on. “I decided to try medication for the first time, and it turned everything around and made me feel like a haven’t in a long time. My mum said she hasn’t seen me like this since I was seventeen”.

As well as Sloan and Littlemore, she also worked with songwriter Tommy English, Josh Fountain, Jeremy Toy and Chris Stracey on the new album.

‘Time Flies’ is out through BMG on 8 Oct. Watch the video for ‘Mixed Emotions’ here: