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Ladyhawke stressed about new album

By | Published on Friday 4 February 2011


Ladyhawke has said that she’s stressed about how her second album, the follow-up to 2008’s eponymous debut, will be received by fans.

She told Stuff: “It’s been really weighing me down. It’s that second album thing, people always talk about it and it’s true. It is really stressful and I just keep thinking people are going to want to hear a ‘Paris Is Burning’ or ‘My Delirium’ but I’m not going to have those songs, it’s going to be a completely different album and style”.

Describing the sound of the new record, she said: “It’s still pop, it’s just a bit darker and a bit rockier. I guess I’m just playing a lot more guitar and having a lot more fun in the guitar-sense. I’m making an album that’s making me really excited but you never can tell if it’s going to make other people excited too”.