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Larmer Tree announces new programming and marketing staff

By | Published on Monday 11 September 2017

Larmer Tree Festival

Having taken 2017 off – in order “to fully refresh both creatively and personally” – Larmer Tree Festival has confirmed it will return next year, with two new team members taking over the programming and marketing of the event.

As previously reported, the festival took its first break since it launched in 1990 this year. The original announcement of the hiatus was made just after the 2016 edition of the event. Dates for 2018 were also announced at the same time, to placate any fears that the hiatus meant the festival’s demise was on the cards.

The event has been independent since its launch and has never carried any corporate sponsorship – a position that has become ever more challenging in an increasingly competitive festival market, where many promoters now rely on brand money to go into profit. Those challenges, of course, have led to a number of independent festivals selling out to the likes of Live Nation and Global, partly to gain cash flow and access to sponsors.

Larmer Tree intends to remain proudly independent and brand-free. The new team members recruited to help achieve that ambition are Sarah Dennehy, who becomes the event’s Creative Director, and Rachel Kinchin, who takes on its marketing and communications.

Dennehy has previously worked on events such as the Hay Festival, Brecon Jazz Festival and Australia’s Perth Festival. Kinchin, meanwhile, has worked with a range of events, venues and artists, and previously collaborated with Dennehy on the Festival Of Voice in Cardiff.

Next year’s Larmer Tree Festival will take place on 20-22 Jul, taking it back from a five day to a three day event.