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Laura Marling launches podcast about the lack of women in recording studios

By | Published on Tuesday 23 August 2016

Reversal Of The Muse

Laura Marling has launched a new podcast called ‘Reversal Of The Muse’, in which she interviews female musicians, producers and studio engineers to discuss why there are so few women working in studios.

“‘Reversal Of The Muse’ began as conversations between friends about female creativity”, says Marling. “In reversing the muse it became an experiment. As a small part of the global conversation about women in the arts, it became an obsession. It occurred to me that in ten years of making records I had only come across two female engineers working in studios”.

She continues: “Starting from my experience of being a woman I began to ask myself what difference it might have made had I had more women around, if any. I wanted to know why progress has been so slow in this area and what effect it would have on music”.

The first two episodes of the podcast have already been published, with Marling speaking to Haim and studio engineer Vanessa Parr. Listen here: