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Lennox responds to criticism from Jerusalem Post

By | Published on Friday 16 January 2009

Annie Lennox, who, as previously reported, recently took part in anti-war demonstrations in London, has responded to an open letter published in the Jerusalem Post which accuses her of slandering Israel and only counting the cost of the war on the Palestinian side.

In her reply, published on her MySpace page, Lennox says she feels despair that the “war in Gaza is being used to divide the rest of the world between ‘pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian’ instead of ‘pro-peace or pro-war’. In my mind, the only distinction that matters right now, as Palestinian and Israeli lives are being lost and endangered by this violent conflict, is whether you support war or peace”.

She continues: “From my perspective, peace and security comes with dialogue, not bullets and bombs, and therefore I make no apology for being a leading member of the voice of reason, in opposition to this senseless war. I have taken this position as a humanitarian and as a mother. I cannot stand seeing children killed. I cannot stand seeing families shattered. I want this to end, and only a permanent ceasefire will achieve this”.

Responding to the implication that she is anti-Israel, she adds: “I am not alone in my views, and my position is supported by a cross spectrum of communities in Britain including my Jewish and Israeli friends. Mr Dori, for your information, I too have friends and family in Israel, and want to see them safe and secure, in the same way that I want human rights protection for the citizens of Gaza”.

You can read the letter to Annie Lennox here.

And her response on her MySpace page here.