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Liam Gallagher is ‘most punk rock dude ever’, says Tom Delonge

By | Published on Monday 22 August 2016

Tom Delonge

Who takes the title of ‘most punk rock dude ever?’ Well, if you believe everything former Blink 182 guitarist Tom Delonge says (and I’ve heard you do), then it’s Liam Gallagher.

This opinion has been pretty long-standing, it seems. Ever since both Oasis and Blink 182 performed live on the same radio station years ago. Speaking on the latest episode of guitar string maker Ernie Ball’s ‘The Pursuit Of Tone’ show, he said he’d not paid much attention to the band when they first walked into the building, deeming them not to be punk rock and therefore not worth talking to.

However, he recalls, that all changed when Liam Gallagher came backstage to their dressing room after their performance. “He goes ‘you’re the best I’ve seen in America'”, Delonge says. “[And] I’m all ‘you like us!’ and he goes ‘I didn’t say that, but you’re the best I’ve seen in America’ and he slammed the door. I looked at everyone else and I went ‘oh my God, that’s the most punk rock dude I’ve ever met in my life'”.

Ensuring that he maintains the title in Delonge’s mind, Gallagher tweeted in response: “The most punk rock dude ever? Ha ha, you’ve seen fuck all yet, mate. As you were”.

I’m not sure if that means Liam knows of someone more punk rock, or he himself is going to do some extra punk rock stuff in the future. The rumour is that he’s about to launch his solo project, so maybe that’ll be it.

Here’s Tom Delonge talking: