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Liam Gallagher opinion round-up

By | Published on Tuesday 1 March 2011

Liam Gallagher

Say what you like about the Gallagher brothers’ music, but they’re both good for a quote. And with Beady Eye’s debut album out this week, Liam has been chatting about stuff. Best of all is his interview with The Quietus, from which I will now quote liberally.

Liam on Mumford & Sons winning the Best Album award at the BRITs: “I think it’s alright but they were fucking ashamed about winning and that’s the fucking sad bit. ‘Oh, we shouldn’t be here!’ Then what did you join a fucking band for then? They bow their heads down going, ‘Oh, we don’t deserve it’ like a fucking dick. What’s that about? You must have seen it before so don’t pretend like you’ve just come out of a cider apple factory”.

Liam on Radiohead’s ‘The King Of Limbs’: “I heard that fucking Radiohead record and I just go, ‘What?!’ I like to think that what we do, we do fucking well. Them writing a song about a fucking tree? Give me a fucking break! A thousand year old tree? Go fuck yourself! You’d have thought he’d have written a song about a modern tree or one that was planted last week. You know what I mean?”

Liam on coping with potential future baldness: “There’s hair transplants these days. Look at that little fucker from Ant and Dec! He was fucking bald in that jungle thing and now he’s got a thick fucking head of hair like Warren Beatty in ‘Shampoo’. I turned over to watch the fucking ‘News At Nine’ and I turn it back on and he’s got hair! But it’s a fucking terrible thing, isn’t it?”

Read the interview in full here.