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Library offers to waive Keith Richards’ fines if he drops by in person

By | Published on Friday 24 May 2013

Keith Richards

Dartford Library has offered to waive fines dating back 50 years if the man who owes them, namely Keith Richards, pops by for a visit.

Speaking to The Mirror about his love of the library when he was a teenager growing up in Dartford, Richards said earlier this week: “To me it was a place where you got a hint there was somewhere called civilisation. It was the only place where I would willingly obey the laws, like silence. It was somewhere I could find out about things I was interested in. I’ve still got overdue fines from about 50 years ago. They must be astronomical by now”.

That statement would suggest he was actually willing to break the library’s rules, but whatever. Having estimated that the fines could have reached as high as £3000 by now, The Mirror got on the phone to check. A Dartford Library employee said: “For fines going back 50 years it’s going to be tough to work out exactly how much is owed. We’d have to check the archives. Usually the biggest fines we issue are around £100”.

However, since then a higher power has got wind of the story and had an idea. Head Of Libraries, Registration And Archives at Kent County Council, Cath Anley, got in touch with The Mirror and explained: “We are really delighted that Keith Richards has said how useful the library was for him in his youth. If he would like to come and visit and help us spread the word about what a great service this is, he would more than compensate us for the books he didn’t return”.

Now Keith just has to decide if this is a genuine offer, or if he’s going to turn up and get jumped by a bunch of angry librarians.