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Lil Wayne says Cash Money Records still to account for $70 million spending spree

By | Published on Tuesday 20 September 2016

Lil Wayne

If the documentary project Apple Music is working on with Cash Money Records and its boss man Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams could exclusively focus on the label’s ongoing legal battle with Tidal backer Lil Wayne then – well – even I’d sign up to Apple’s streaming flim flam for that.

According to TMZ, the latest legal wrangling between Birdman and Wayne centres on the $70 million of a $100 million advance from Universal Music that Cash Money Records is said to have spent. Part of Wayne’s legal claim against the label is that he, as co-owner of Cash Money imprint Young Money, should have received a cut of that advance.

Birdman has seemingly stated that the $70 million was spent on artist advances, marketing and recording costs, but Wayne’s people want to see accounts to prove that’s so. Cash Money argues that it’s already complied with that demand, providing the other side with 20,000 pages of documentation. But Wayne’s lawyers say that, having browsed through all that paperwork, nothing in the 20,000 pages accounts for the $70 million.

So that’s all fun isn’t it? Meanwhile, Wayne has apparently now added to his list of Cash Money gripes following the departure of rapper Tyga from the Young Money roster. As previously reported, Kanye West announced last week that Tyga was now signed to his GOOD Music label. But, also according to TMZ, Wayne says he wasn’t consulted about Tyga being cut free from his commitments to Young Money, even though the latter rapper had been pretty open about his grievances with the record company for some time.

See, this is all fine documentary material, right? Wayne’s lawsuit against Cash Money is ongoing while – as previously reported – his separate action against Universal Music itself is currently on hold, pending the outcome of the Wayne/Cash Money case.