Lil Wayne to release single with Limp Bizkit

By | Published on Friday 2 March 2012

Lil Wayne

Oh. Is this really happening? It surely can’t be, and yet it it’s a matter of stone cold fact that Lil Wayne, who last week announced he had signed Limp Bizkit to his Universal Music subsidiary Cash Money Records, is releasing a collaborative single with the nu metal posse.

Entitled ‘Ready To Go’, the track is apparently just that, having been slated for release at some stage next week.

Says the Cash Money President of the single: “It’ll be a great way to let the world know that [the band] is a part of us. It’s rock, but it’s hip-hop-rock. I think we got that hip-hop-rock swagger”.

He continues: “Limp Bizkit, to me, is just a perfect match for us. It was something that [Durst] was interested in doing, and I was already a fan, and I was like: ‘Let’s do it’. It’s good for the brand, it will bring a different look for us, and we’re definitely trying to expand on that side of music”.

So stay tuned, people, because my speechless silence will soon be filled by the sounds of ‘Ready To Go’, as and when the track is err… ready to go.