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Limp Bizkit cancel US tour – decide they don’t like their venues

By | Published on Monday 24 May 2010

Limp Bizkit have cancelled their entire US tour – not because of ill-health, or new recording commitments, or ticket sale issues – but because Fred Durst suddenly decided he wanted a mosh pit and therefore all the arena-style venues their promoters had booked weren’t any good.

Durst explained last week: “Basically, Limp is not an amphitheatre band. We like to see less seats in front of the stage and more floor filled with fans going bananas. It’s just more fun for all of us that way. Some bands are meant to be seen mainly sitting down, but definitely not Limp Bizkit. We want to give you the best experience possible so we will reroute to the venues we feel will work the best. High energy, good times. We want you to have the best time”.

So, Bizkit fans, you’ll have to wait a while to see your favourite band, but at least you won’t be made to sit down once they’re in town.