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Line-up for final CMU Insights @ The Great Escape strand announced

By | Published on Thursday 30 April 2015

What's The Point Of A Record Label Anyway?

With just two weeks to go until this year’s Great Escape, today we announce the line-up for the final of our CMU Insights conference strands – What’s The Point Of A Record Label Anyway?

Presented in association with the BPI, this strand will explore why, despite the rise of easily accessible and affordable online sales and marketing platforms, labels still have a key role to play in many artists’ careers, especially with new talent. And how all sides – artist, manager, label – can better work together to get the most out of their partnerships. It will also consider how both label and artist businesses are evolving, and what that means for the way label/artist deals are constructed.

Informing that debate, Chris Carey from Media Insight Consulting will consider the various artist revenue streams – looking at recent trends and consumer insights – and explain where the opportunities are for artists and their business partners. CMU’s Chris Cooke will then review and propose some alternative ways for labels, artists and management teams to work together, and put those proposals to a panel of leading managers, label execs and music lawyers.

As previously reported, CMU Insights @ The Great Escape sits at the heart of the TGE Convention, presenting four full-day strands covering marketing, licensing, brand partnerships and label deals, plus keynote sessions providing an overview of the music year just gone and delivering messages from the music community to the new government (you can input on that by voting in the #VoteForMusic initiative, details here).

Says Cooke: ‘The CMU Insights strands at the core of this year’s convention are very different to the average music business conference. Rather than the usual one-hour panel after one-hour panel, we are basically presenting four standalone full-day mini conferences with a real mix of presentations, original research, one-on-one conversations and lively discussions”.

The full CMU Insights @ The Great Escape programme is now live here, and don’t forget the CMU:DIY line-up on the Saturday of TGE aimed at future music talent and including Blur’s Dave Rowntree in conversation. And on top of all that, TGE delegates can also choose from a programme of panels presented by the convention’s industry partners and a series of networking sessions (for which sign-up is now available!)

The Great Escape takes place from 14-16 May in Brighton, with the CMU Insights strands on 14 and 15 May, and CMU:DIY on the 16 May. A limited number of delegate passes are still available here. Standalone tickets for the CMU:DIY programme are available here.