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Linkin Park, Gangnam Style set new YouTube records

By | Published on Monday 24 September 2012

Linkin Park

Hey stats geeks, listen to this. Last Friday, Linkin Park became the first band ever to accumulate over one billion unique YouTube ‘views’ via their official YouTube channel, LinkinParkTV, according to adjudicators at the Guinness World Records.

This digital feat has so far only been accomplished by solo artists: Lady Gaga’s 2010 record was surpassed by Rihanna in 2011, while young Justin Bieber – YouTube’s most viewed pop personage of all time – at last count had upwards of 2.8 billion plays. But hey, first band – Linkin Park must be ecstatic.

Ecstatic, no. Cynical, yes. Citing a past squabble between their label Warner Music and YouTube, which saw the major’s music removed from the video platform for a time, the band say they actually passed the billion plays landmark sometime ago, but some of their counts were lost.

Linkin HQ tweeted: “LP hit one billion [YouTube views] two years ago; when WBR [Warner Bros Records] and YT had disputes, YT erased WBR views, including hundreds of millions of Linkin Park views”. So, that’s nice.

YouKudos goes not only to Linkin Park, but also to marmite-like K-Pop star Psy. Basically, the new protégé of Bieber manager Scooter Braun’s School Boy Records – real name Park Ja-Sang – has earned the accolade of YouTube’s most ‘liked’ video, the promo for his single ‘Gangnam Style’ having amassed over 2.5 million ‘likes’ since its premiere in mid-July.

Sadly, ‘likes’ not always equating to sales, this wasn’t sufficient to make it number one in this past weekend’s British charts. Saying that, the track rose 34 places to reach number three, which isn’t bad going. And now it’s time to look at some cats with headphones on, being made to listen to (and allegedly review) ‘Gangnam Style’: