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Logic announces retirement to focus on parenting

By | Published on Friday 17 July 2020


Rapper Logic has announced that he is retiring in order to focus on parenting full time. Which is both admirable and a novel twist on the ‘rappers retiring’ trope.

Of course, ‘retirement’ for a rapper normally means that they have a new record coming out soon. Logic is getting that out of the way now though, announcing that his new album – ‘No Pressure’ – will be out next Friday. The title is a reference to his debut album ‘Under Pressure’. So that rounds things up nicely, ready for his music career to come to an end.

“Officially announcing my retirement with the release of ‘No Pressure’ executive produced by No ID, 24 Jul”, he wrote in a tweet. “It’s been a great decade. Now it’s time to be a great father”.

Logic became a father earlier this year. It’s not clear how long he’s been planning this farewell. Of course, there comes a point in your parenting career when kids go to school and you suddenly find yourself with a bit more time in your day. So maybe he’ll be back at some point.

Who knows, maybe in two or three years he’ll crack and we’ll get a concept album about how potty training is bullshit. I’d listen to that. Fuck potty training.