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London Night Czar calls for new approach to drug use in clubs

By | Published on Monday 12 December 2016

Amy Lamé

London’s new Night Czar Amy Lamé has said that a new approach is needed to avoid drug-related deaths in nightclubs, following Fabric’s recent licensing battle after two men died at the venue earlier this year.

Speaking after being given a tour of a new building development in Soho’s Denmark Street, Mixmag reports that Lamé said: “People take drugs. People take drugs in clubs. People take drugs in hotels. People take drugs in all different kinds of places. If we ignore that and don’t deal with it, then people will sadly be ill or die”.

“That is something I don’t want to happen on my watch”, she continued. “I know Fabric doesn’t want it to happen again, Islington Council doesn’t want it and the police don’t want it. For too long people have been entrenched in ‘it’s us versus them, them versus us'”.

Lamé also said that she aims to ensure that nightclubs and music venues remain in place across London, following a concerning trend of closures in recent years (not least in Denmark Street, where she was speaking).

“I don’t want clubbing pushed out to the edges”, she said. “I want clubs, pubs, live music venues right in the heart of everything. Right across London”.