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Loud And Quiet announces subscriptions to help weather COVID-19 crisis

By | Published on Friday 24 April 2020

Loud And Quiet

Loud And Quiet magazine has announced a new subscription option, a scheme designed to help it survive the COVID-19 crisis, which has been hitting the music media as much as the music industry.

The independently-owned publication hopes that its readers, used to picking up the magazine for free while out and about, will be convinced to pay £50 a year to have it delivered straight to their homes.

“Like many of us working in independent music and media, we’ve been knocked for six by coronavirus, but we’re determined to adapt for the better”, says founding editor Stuart Stubbs. “The truth is that our old model of funding everything we do through advertising was becoming increasingly impossible anyway”.

“Although we’ve always given away our magazine for free, we hope that our readers will understand that we now need their help to survive”, he goes on. “It really is up to them. This feels like a reset moment for music and the arts as a whole – for us to reassess what we consider a fair price for the things we love. Underground media and culture can survive COVID-19 if enough of us really want it to”.

People who do decide to front £50 each will receive six issues of the magazine straight through their post boxes, plus a brass badge, leather bookmark, a fifteenth anniversary zine (made in the style of the original version of L&Q back in 2005) and more.

You can also access a digital version of each individual issue through the L&Q website for £2.50.