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Lykke Li reveals “complete meltdown”

By | Published on Thursday 28 April 2011

Lykke Li

Lykke Li has told fans that she pulled out of two UK gigs in Glasgow and Manchester earlier this month because she suffered a “complete meltdown”, apparently brought on by ongoing problems with her hip and a bout of flu. A statement issued at the time referred to “health problems” as the reason for the cancellations, but didn’t provide any more detail.

In a blog post published on her website yesterday, the singer wrote: “I had some kind of complete meltdown in Marks & Spencer in Glasgow on one of those very rare days off while en route. For various reasons, various hardships sneaked up on me and I was standing at an isle contemplating life and death and the struggles of being an artist/soul/woman/human being when the overbearingness sneaked up on me like Batman himself”.

She continued: “I fell to the floor and so did the raspberries I had in my hand, the troubled breathing lead to some severe lumbago which meant I couldn’t move and had to lay straight for a few days. In a valium haze I took a flight back to my loved ones where a strong man cracked my holy spine loose and I was soon able to walk again. Little did I know it was my troubled hip joint that was the problem in the first place, so had to go back to a horizontal mode”.

Finally, she said: “My body then decided Easter was the perfect time to let a god damn flu blossom out, so I spent the whole easter praying to God to get better, drinking ginger tea while watching ‘Apocalypse Now’ wishing nothing more then that I could have been on that stage with you”.

The singer will play various UK festivals over the summer and a show at London’s Roundhouse on 1 Nov. The two cancelled shows are also expected to be rescheduled. Lykke Li’s new single, ‘Sadness Is A Blessing’, is due out on 16 May.