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Mabel becomes ambassador for speaker maker JBL

By | Published on Wednesday 14 August 2019

Speaker company JBL has appointed that there Mabel as its latest global ambassador. I’ve no idea what that means, but I do know that she is supporting another JBL ambassador, Khalid, on his European tour next month. So I’d be hoping for some top quality sound at those shows.

Here’s Mabel with a quote. Maybe she’ll tell us what being an ambassador for JBL actually involves. “For me, people feeling good about themselves when they hear my music is what it’s all about”, says she. “Whether I’m performing at a headline show, festival or if someone’s listening to me on their way to work or in the gym, it is important to me that they feel strong and connected and that is why JBL is the perfect fit for me. I’m excited to be an ambassador for a brand that shares my passion for music, sound quality and style”.

Yeah, that doesn’t really provide any more info does it? Maybe Simona Bara, Head Of UK Marketing at JBL owner Harman can help. “We are THRILLED that Mabel is joining our team as JBL brand ambassador. Her music and personality truly captures the spirit and identity of the JBL brand and will help further connect with our core audience”.

Yeah. Still none the wiser. Bara goes on: “Working with an artist that spans multiple genres is important to JBL as it represents the eclectic tastes of our audience and Mabel fits this perfectly by producing knock-out vocals across R’n’B and pop tracks. This exciting announcement underlines our passion and continuous involvement with the UK music scene”.

I’m starting to think being a global ambassador for JBL mainly involves providing a quote for a press release about you being appointed a global ambassador for JBL. Although the speaker brand does have its own festival in Las Vegas and both Khalid and Mabel are playing it this year. So maybe that’s it.