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Machinedrum announces out of body new album

By | Published on Thursday 6 August 2020


Machinedrum has announced that he will release new album ‘A View Of U’ through Ninja Tune this October. The album features a long list of collaborators, including Sub Focus, Chrome Sparks, Father, Freddie Gibbs and Mono/Poly.

The ‘U’ in the title is probably not the abbreviation you think it is, but rather, apparently, “represents the universe or the infinite”. The album as a whole is based on out of body experiences.

“I view myself from outside myself with love and admiration, proud of all my achievements as well as the wisdom I’ve gained from failures”, explains the producer. “It is from this out of body place of loving awareness and non-judgement that I am able to objectively look at all my behaviours, thoughts, feelings and emotions”.

“The feeling of being out of your body feels infinite. It feels like time has stopped. It feels like the birth of creation”, he goes on. “It feels like the impossible becomes possible. It feels unfamiliar and familiar at the same time. It feels scary at first but once you let go of that fear and surrender to the experience it feels incredibly beautiful and life-changing”.

“When I am in the creative zone I tend to forget time, who I am and where I am”, he concludes. “As I became aware of my OOBE through song creation, choosing what songs should go on an album as well as through my meditation, I realised that this was meant to be the central theme of the album”.

‘A View Of U’ is set for release on 9 Oct. Its first single is ‘Kane Train’, featuring Freddie Gibbs and its second, also out now, is ‘ur2yung’.