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Madison Square Garden gig to be “funeral” for LCD Soundsystem

By | Published on Monday 7 February 2011

LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem have said that an upcoming concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden will be a great “funeral”, before the outfit “retire from the game, gettin out, movin on”.

Telling fans to expect a special show in April, a statement on the LCD Soundsystem website promises: “For just one more night, we will be playing with friends and family for nearly three hours – playing stuff we’ve never played before and going out with a bang – and we’d like you to be there”.

Main man James Murphy said he’d not make another LCD Soundsystem album last year, fearing that the whole venture had become just too darn popular. But, he added in an interview with Pitchfork: “Since we know we’re not gonna do another record I feel freer to do the biggest shit I possibly can. Like, fuck it, we should play Madison Square Garden”.