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Madonna collaborating with Natalia Kills

By | Published on Friday 11 April 2014


Oh look, what’s this other thing that Madonna is doing now? Other than that ‘Rebel Heart’/Avicii thing that may or may not be a single, that is.

Oh, it’s ‘writing songs with Natalia Kills’ this time. You know, Natalia Kills, aka British pop artist Natalia Capuccini, who has to date released two solo LPs in 2011’s ‘Perfectionist’ and 2013’s ‘Trouble’. That Natalia Kills.

Anyway, Madge placed this photo of the collaboration in motion on Instagram the other day, adding the caption: “Working the midnight shift with Natalia Kills. 2 girls on a couch… don’t it taste like Holy Water?”

And also the following hastags, which she types all the time: “#artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove”

So, that may mean that she and Kills have potentially co-written a track titled ‘Holy Water’, potentially with Interscope/Cherry Tree A&R man Martin Kierszenbaum. Which is significant because Interscope is the label releasing Madonna’s shadowy forthcoming LP. That’s Martin’s blurry face in the fore of the photo, says Billboard.