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Madonna loses legal battle over old pants

By | Published on Tuesday 24 April 2018


A New York court has dismissed Madonna’s legal efforts to block an auction of her former belongings, including a love letter from Tupac.

Last year Madonna obtained a temporary injunction to block the sale of her one-time possessions – which also included an old hairbrush complete with hair and a pair of the star’s pants – which had been put up for sale by her former friend Darlene Lutz.

Madonna said that she had no idea Lutz was in possession of the items that had been put up for auction. In a lawsuit filed last August, Madonna sought return of those items, including some that had actually already been auctioned off, because they weren’t covered by that initial injunction.

Legal reps for Lutz argued that their client was well within her rights to sell the items. They also cited a 2004 legal settlement between Madonna and Lutz which, they argued, prevented the new litigation.

According to TMZ, it is because of that settlement that the judge considering the lawsuit ruled that Madonna couldn’t halt Lutz’s sale. As a result the latter’s auction house has announced that the remaining items will now be auctioned off in July.