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Madonna sued over late stage times

By | Published on Monday 11 November 2019


A Madonna fan is suing the singer over a decision to revise start times for her upcoming tour dates after tickets had already been sold.

The fan says that recent changes to Madonna’s stage times mean shows will now not end until around 1am, which is too late. Refunds have not been offered to those who no long wish to attend, and, says the new lawsuit, reselling is not possible because the late finish makes the shows unattractive to potential buyers.

Nate Hollander says that he purchased tickets to see Madonna’s 17 Dec show in Miami Beach back in August, at which point the show time was advertised at 8.30pm. However, after a series of late starts at other shows on the tour, Live Nation recently pushed the start time back to 10.30pm, he says. Not wanting to be out that late on a Tuesday night, he requested but was denied a refund from Ticketmaster.

“Ticketholders had to work and go to school the next day, which prevented them from attending a concert that would end at around 1am”, says the lawsuit. “Hollander attempted, without success, to obtain a refund for the three tickets purchased for the Madonna concert”.

These three tickets set him back $1024.95, he says. So you can see why he might be keen to get his money back if he can’t now attend. Having been denied a refund he turned to Ticketmaster’s official resale channel. However, he claims, the delayed start time means that no one is willing to buy his tickets from him.

The “extreme loss of value” of the tickets mean that he and others have “suffered actual and consequential damages including, but not limited to, loss of consideration paid and the devaluation of the ticket”.

Hollander is accusing Madonna and Live Nation of breach of contract and is seeking his money back, plus damages, through the courts. He has filed his lawsuit as a class action, inviting others who feel that they have been done out of money by Madonna’s lateness to join in with the litigation.

Neither Live Nation nor Madonna has commented on the case. However, Madonna did post a video of herself on stage to Twitter last week in which she says: “There’s something that you all need to understand, and that is that a queen is never late”.

Madonna is not a monarch.