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Manchester’s Night & Day Café announces show to raise awareness of noise complaint legal battle

By | Published on Thursday 17 November 2022

Night & Day

Manchester music venue the Night & Day Café has announced a special show next week, raising awareness for its ongoing battle with Manchester City Council over an outstanding noise abatement order. The show will be staged under the banner Decades Of Decibels.

The Lounge Society, Deaf Deaf Deaf, Soup! and the incredible Slap Rash will perform at the event, with a DJ set from The Orielles. There will also be a live panel discussion, with speakers including the Chair of the Greater Manchester Music Commission, Jay Taylor.

All profits from the show will be donated to the Music Venue Trust. Live performances on the night are also set to be recorded and made available for sale on cassette at the show – any remaining copies will then be sold at nearby cassette store Mars Tapes.

Night & Day revealed last month that it is continuing to fight a noise abatement notice served against it by Manchester City Council last year. It explained that the council is refusing to retract the notice, meaning that an appeal will likely have to go to court later this month. If it loses that legal case it will probably mean “the closure of the venue altogether”.

The notice was issued following complaints from one person who lives in a flat next to the venue. It transpires the when the building where the complainant lives was most recently redeveloped, the property developers did not consider or mitigate future noise issues, despite that being a requirement of the planning permission provided by the local council.

“After receiving a copy of the MCC planning file for the redevelopment where the complainant lives, we were shocked and appalled to find that a crucial acoustic report had not been provided, nor acoustic works completed to the development before it was occupied”, the venue has stated.

Night & Day’s owners added that they have brought all this to the attention of council leaders and “feel strongly that Night & Day has been mistreated and that this is the council’s problem to resolve”, but the local authority still refuses to retract the notice.

A spokesperson for Manchester City Council responded at the time: “The council is, and remains, supportive of the music scene in Manchester which Night & Day has championed, but we have to comply with our duties in respect of statutory noise nuisance”.

“It is important to note that the source of complaints regarding this venue relate to very loud music played into the early hours of the morning and not live band performances”, they added. “The council is not seeking to close down the venue and we want to work with the venue to address the noise, for example through suitable acoustic measures”.

No resolution has yet been reached, so court proceedings are now set to begin on 29 Nov.

The Decades Of Decibels show will take place on 26 Nov. Book tickets here.