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Marie Davidson announces “final club music” release

By | Published on Friday 9 August 2019

Marie Davidson

Marie Davidson has released new track ‘Chasing The Light’, which will feature on a new twelve-inch release that, she says, will be her last “club music” outing before she switches to a new sound.

“‘Chasing The Light’ is a track I composed last summer in Montreal specifically for the ‘Working Class Woman’ tour”, she explains. “It’s a fast and energising musical journey that is meant to keep you moving from start to finish”.

“I’m particularly happy about the many melodic sequences and the bass line on this one”, she goes on. “It’s my take on trance music, but as with everything I do, I try not to pastiche a style but only take the references that inspire me to make something on my own terms”.

The standalone release, she then confirms, closes a chapter in her career. She adds: “It’s my final effort regarding club music, as I’m ready to move on to a new project that is very dear to me”.

What that project is remains under wraps, but if you want to bask in her current incarnation a bit more, you’d better get yourself along to Studio 9294 in London tonight, where she is booked to play.

The new twelve-inch will be released on 16 Aug (and is available digitally now), backed by the Soulwax remix of ‘Work It’ and Daniel Avery remix of ‘Lara’, both from her ‘Working Class Woman’ album. Listen here: