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Mark Ronson and Katy B announce Olympic song

By | Published on Monday 3 October 2011

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson, Katy B and some sporty types have worked together on a new track in honour of the London 2012 Olympics.

Part of Coca-Cola’s Oympic marketing campaign, ‘Move To The Beat’ will encompass a feature-length making-of documentary, adverts, interactive apps and, of course, the song, the beats of which Ronson made by sampling sounds from a group of five aspiring Olympic contenders in their sporty action. For example, he had Russian sprinter Kseniya Vdovina run on a treadmill, thus elevating her heart rate to 120bpm, the tempo of the track.

Sounds like fun. Now for some stock enthusiastic comments from those involved.

Shay Drohan, the man with the one of the better job titles at Coca-Cola corp (Senior Vice President of Sparkling Beverages – surely one of the all time great job titles), says this: “The number one passion point for teens is music. Through ‘Move To The Beat’, Coca-Cola is inspiring teens around the world to move to the beat of London and come together in the biggest Olympic Games activation in our 84 year partnership”.

Meanwhile Ronson, who (along with Katy B) is to be an official Olympic torchbearer despite earning the nickname “wrong-way Ronson” after running awry in a school relay race, says: “I’ve been able to do something really unique, meeting these remarkable athletes and recording their sounds to use in this song. It’s exciting to be working with Coca-Cola on the ‘Move To The Beat’ campaign for London 2012”.