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Martin Garrix tops the DJ Mag Poll

By | Published on Thursday 20 October 2016

Martin Garrix

The results of this year’s clubber-voted DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll were announced as the Amsterdam Dance Event got underway yesterday, and there is a brand new deejay at the top of the tree, and it’s the youngest ever poll topper in the form of Martin Garrix.

The Dutch superstar DJ is just 20. And if that makes you feel old then, you know what, you probably are old. But at least you’re not dead. The second best thing about being old is that, well, at least it’s better than being dead. The first best thing is that you don’t have to hang out with all those idiotic young whippersnappers who do idiotic things like voting Martin Garrix to the top of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll. Idiots!

Only joking. I love Martin Garrix. He’s the business. And not only can he press play, he’s also been known to employ words in order to communicate both emotions and views. Look, here he is now. “It feels unreal to have won”, says he. “I 100% did not expect it at all. I’ve had an amazing year, with awesome shows and amazing fans – I’m so thankful for their support. I didn’t even do a campaign, and it just shows how dope the fanbase is”.

Yeah, what a dope fanbase. Well done dopes, you did it!