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Mastodon ensure twerking debate continues by launching twerking competition

By | Published on Wednesday 15 October 2014


A couple of weeks ago, Mastodon were defending the video for their new single, ‘The Motherload’, from claims that it might have been a little bit sexist.

As I’m sure you remember, the video featured Mastodon playing the song and a lot of women twerking. It was a bit confusing. And that was the point. So said drummer Brann Dailor. It was just a low budget video that was supposed to be confusing. He thought the dancing was “awesome”, as a matter for fact. And he hadn’t even considered that it might be seen as sexist. He hadn’t even noticed that the dancers were all women. Possibly.

Anyway, definitely helping the situation and not playing up for attention, Mastodon have now launched a competition for fans to get free tickets to upcoming gigs. And all they have to do is post a photo of themselves twerking on Facebook, using the hashtag ‘#Asstodon’. Bonus points if you’re wearing the specially made ‘Asstodon’ short shorts they’re now selling in their online store – for THIRTY FUCKING DOLLARS.

Of course, before you cry sexism, this competition is open to men as well as women. Though you might have noted that those shorts are only available in small, large and extra large sizes. What about us mediums, huh Mastodon? What have you got against us who aren’t really notable for our size, big or small? Maybe we want to twerk a bit too. (We don’t.)